PUBG Cheaters Advertise Hacks Right in the Game

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With fans of multiplayer games, survival genre, PUBG immediately gained incredible popularity. Everything for which games of this genre fell in love, the developers of Puba multiplied and brought to mind. Everyone can feel like a hunter or a victim, and only the strongest and most adapted players will become winners. But in order to stay alive you need luck, experience and knowledge of the map. But there is an easier way to become winners; you just need to download PUBG cheats.. The motivation to become cheaters often becomes a situation where players simply cannot win for the sake of lack of experience or playing skills, and as we know, this game is quite complicated, and everything is aggravated with the release of new cards whose difficulty level is high enough for beginners. Antivirus may complain about some hacks, so we recommend disabling it.

Since the build is very large, and there is no point in listing all the included cheats for PUBG , we will only indicate the main features and options for hacks. For more convenience, the assembly is equipped with an installer, where you can see the details, learn about the hot keys and see screenshots for each cheat.

You can update directly through the installer (possibility in beta mode, operation is not guaranteed).

What is there:

Among the features, it is possible to note the illumination of equipment and supplies. Also noted the main places respavna weapons.

You can turn on the player’s inventory indicator, then you will see what each player has, and what weapons he has armed himself with.

Teleport with mass teleportation mode, you can teleport those who are near you. Conveniently if you play with a friend, or vice versa, you want to kill another player by sending him into a trap.

Cheats on weapons. Classic No Recoil, No Smog, etc. You can turn off recoil, recharge and set the accuracy to 100%.

Of the rare there is a cheat on the flight.

An updated working version of Bypass ESP cheat PUBG that shows the number of HPs for enemy players, if someone picks up an item or weapon, this action is marked in a special menu. There is also a CAP with a skeleton function, it is very convenient to track the position of the player from a long distance. There is a separate opportunity to turn on the lighting of objects through the walls.

Bonus is a lagger that will allow you to drop some players from the server.

The author advises to be more careful with these cheats, in order not to get banned.