Virtual Assistant. Do I need him?

You really can’t blame customers for their attitude towards you. The sites you create serve important business goals.

If these network properties are somehow omitted, it is bad for the client and, ultimately, for you (even if the client is the one who broke the site!).

In any case, in order to grow, and in some cases to maintain your sanity, you will eventually reach the limit of your possibilities. Where you just can not be completely effective by themselves.

If you want to make more money or just need some backup to provide excellent service, you will want to consider creating a virtual team.

Ideal to start with is to hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant, what is it?

Help may be differently called in your freelance business. You can hire a full-time employee if you are growing fast. But most people start out hiring a part-time employee.

And then, as they expand, they reconsider this issue. The difference between a contractor and an employee is a fine line. But it is logical to claim that someone as a contractor can save you a lot of time, payroll taxes and other related expenses.

A virtual assistant is one type of contractor that many online companies access during their initial phase. The name “ virtual assistant ” describes well what they do, helping them to perform tasks while they are working remotely.

You can hire a virtual assistant  to perform a variety of tasks. Most people start recruiting their team from a virtual assistant who focuses on research projects and deals with general administrative functions.

However, you can also hire more specialized virtual assistants who have experience with specific business activities such as social media, graphic design and, of course, WordPress.

If you are lucky, you will find that someone does not know enough. And he needs training so that he can solve the problems with which you deal in your business.

As you grow, it will be helpful for you to expand your team with more specialized members to perform various business functions.

Virtual Assistant. How it helps you spend time on more important work.

The point is repeated: you have exactly that time in the day to do everything.

Some freelancers wear double-digit watches and work on weekends as a sign of honor. But this kind of physical stress is hardly sustainable and definitely not enviable.

The fact is that there are certain things that you personally do not need to do.

Think of it this way: not every task in your business is directly related to income generation.

You should start to make a list of these things as potential tasks for transferring to a virtual assistant .

Outsourcing tasks such as can be entrusted to someone else. As a result, you can focus on what only you can do.

If you are really good at working / enjoying sales, outsourcing core business tasks is a great way to build your business. Unless of course you can provide proper training for your team and maintain high-quality products for customers.

Virtual Assistant. How to create your virtual team

After you have learned about the need to grow your business with the help of virtual assistants, the following questions will inevitably arise around this. Where can I get contractors, and how much will you have to pay for help?

First, look where to recruit team members:

Some of the most accessible virtual assistants come from countries like India or the Philippines. Persons from these countries work at very low hourly rates.

Some people think it is unethical to use their willingness to do so. Moreover, it reduces the payment rate for freelancers around the world.

Others justify hiring virtual assistants at low rates from these countries, because they have a very low cost of work compared to many around the world.

When it comes to hiring help for your business, the budget is an important consideration, but it is also important to understand where the point is that you can’t grow your business without spending money on your team.

The trick to efficiency is to sell more projects at a rate high enough to support your team members, without interrupting your ability to make good money. offers the following guidelines for setting up full employment to add virtual assistants to your team based on specific offers and specialties:

virtual assistant

The fact is that since you think you can leave at minimal cost, it probably will not cause a sense of loyalty in your virtual assistant .

It is better to pay a few dollars above the minimum rate per hour so you can build a team that will be satisfied with the process.

A smaller turnover of contractors leads to a smoother promotion of your business.

It is also important to understand that most virtual assistants are looking for full-time jobs or part-time work with full-time employment. Because they help improve the efficiency of your business.

Of course, in order to hire a virtual assistant for a full-time job, you will need to create a permanent list of tasks for outsourcing and learn how to effectively delegate tasks without creating more work for yourself.

Virtual Assistant. Setting goals

The specific tasks you are outsourcing will largely depend on the nature of your business. You might want to start brainstorming before moving on to the hiring stage.

So that you can give the virtual assistant a  vision of how he will work with you. Think of the tasks in terms of:

Things you really hate

Collect research to guide decisions or keep trends current

Things that do not require special skills (if this is not what your virtual assistant specializes in)

Individual parts of the project that you will eventually collect before sending to the client

Help with client tasks such as client server

When it comes to specific tasks, your virtual assistant can help you in several ways, even if he is not highly qualified on the platform.

Consider delegating tasks related to WordPress, such as:

Questions, what tasks for outsourcing are exactly about the skills of your virtual assistant , and about how much you trust him.

If you have just hired a new member of the virtual team, start them with the main work behind the scenes before assigning them any tasks related to the client.

When roles addressed to a customer become necessary, create a company corporate email address that they can respond to in order to maintain consistency. What will be less confusing for your customers.

Virtual Assistant. Basics of delegating tasks

If you have ever occupied the position of manager, the art of delegation will probably be familiar and comfortable to you. But if you are a freelancer who could never tell others what to do, this can be a bit uncomfortable.

Acquire every potential team member with an interview and a paid assignment. Considering several rounds will help you get a more multidimensional idea of ​​how you can work with this person.

Pay attention to how easy or difficult it is to communicate with them and how carefully they follow your instructions to complete your test task.

Please do not insult your bidders without paying for a testing task – this is a great way to go the wrong way with a potential contractor.

Create a project management process. Tools like Todoist, Trello, Planio, or Asana are popular in the web development world.

Play around until you find one that fits your style and needs. Some project management tools are multiplied in terms of cost when adding team members, others for more stable / affordable growth.

Create a corporate intranet. Use simple solutions, such as  Google Sites,  to add documents and instructions for frequent processes and basic WordPress for your team members.

It is also a great place to store customer information. Spending time writing something will save you money in the long run, especially if you often hire new contractors.

To exchange sensitive information, such as client passwords, consider a password management application, such as  LastPass  .

Provide basic guidance for completing the task. Especially when you first start working together, set the direction as to how you want the task to succeed.

It may be useful to set a specific time interval and ask the virtual assistant to ping before doing more work after reaching the deadline.

Set clear deadlines. Your virtual assistant can work in another time zone, so do not forget to specify the date of execution. Never assign a task without a date, as it can be postponed forever.

Check the agreement and suggest questions. If you do not do this, your virtual assistant may not hesitate to ask for clarification and may create an end product that will not be exactly what you need.

Save time for both parties by inviting and asking questions in advance.

Give feedback after each project. This will help you get better results over time. As your virtual assistant finds out what you like and what you think is perfect.