Author: Stella Gutierrez

Virtual Assistant. Do I need him?

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You really can’t blame customers for their attitude towards you. The sites you create serve important business goals. If these network properties are somehow omitted, it is bad for the client and, ultimately, for you (even if the client is the one who broke the site!). In any case, in order to grow, and in […]

SEO drifts to SEM

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Studying materials on the SEO services market at the end of 2019, I was surprised to find that the topic of SEO freelance and its prospects was left out. You know that the entire industry as a whole is subject to rapid changes, and we are all wondering what might happen to it in 2019 […]

TOP 5 SEO trends 2019: the future is now

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Only lazy today does not speak about the latest trends in search engine optimization, but the main question is how justified these arguments are. In the article we are not going to “read the tea leaves.” After analyzing a lot of expert opinions, we decided to present to you the main trends that have already […]

SEO trends in 2019

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Search engines are getting smarter, and competition in search is higher. Artificial intelligence technologies that affect issuance are no longer new. And the device, based on the interaction with which is voice search – are sold in millions. All this creates new challenges that need to be well prepared, and such tendencies should be clearly […]

PUBG Cheaters Advertise Hacks Right in the Game

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Cheats for Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown With fans of multiplayer games, survival genre, PUBG immediately gained incredible popularity. Everything for which games of this genre fell in love, the developers of Puba multiplied and brought to mind. Everyone can feel like a hunter or a victim, and only the strongest and most adapted players will become winners. […]