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The Point of Training

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Fitness boutiques, beer and DJ sets in training – tools that modern owners of fitness clubs use Over the past few years, the sports industry from the narrow business segment has become a part of everyday life. The trend is well traced in the US, where every third New Yorker regularly plays sports. The Russian […]

Men’s Health

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“By the reaction of my comrades, it was clear to me that I was doing it cool,” he said. “So I asked a friend to take a video trick and post it on Snap chat.” Honestly, I still cannot believe that it gained so many views. ” “Nothing special,” says Hines. – just imagine if […]

Fitness For Men

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                                                If you belong to the category of men who dream to be healthy, strong, fit and attractive, and are ready to make some efforts for this, then we invite you to our fitness center . For men, there are group classes of fitness and martial arts, boxing and kickboxing, karate and aerobics, as well […]