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The year is nearing its end. Someone starts to sum up, and someone – makes predictions for the next 12 months. Recently, the largest technology and economic experts told what technologies and trends will influence the world in 2019. New feelings All information about the world around us we get with the help of five […]

The world in 2030

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In the 21st century, technologies that drastically affect our lives develop very quickly, and governments are interested in high-quality forecasts. Matthew Burrows, author of The Future: Declassified, worked for ten years on the Global Trends report – futuristic material for the White House and the US Department of Defense. A book about the most important […]

Ten technologies that will change the world in the coming years

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Metal 3D printing “3D printing is a long-known technology, but until now it has been mainly used by enthusiasts and designers to create individual prototypes. In addition, printing is usually done in plastic – using other materials for it, including metal, was simply expensive before, ”writes MIT Technology Review. Now, notes the publication, metal printing […]

15 technologies of the future that will soon become popular

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1. Smart glasses Google Glass – smart points from the search giant. They became available in mid-2014. The only reason why this technology has not yet become popular is the price. If you want to buy smart glasses from Google, you have to spend $ 1,500. But do not discard smart points. At one time, […]