Fitness For Men


If you belong to the category of men who dream to be healthy, strong, fit and attractive, and are ready to make some efforts for this, then we invite you to our fitness center .

For men, there are group classes of fitness and martial arts, boxing and kickboxing, karate and aerobics, as well as many programs developed with special exercises involving the use of sports equipment and simulators.

Intensive training and strength lessons, swimming and functional training help each member of the stronger sex:

keep the male body in good shape.

build muscle mass.

create the desired body shape.

improve health.

increase the flexibility and plasticity of the body.

At their discretion, men can attend group cardiovascular exercises, a swimming pool, learn all sorts of techniques of strikes and elements of aerobics. And all this under the strict guidance of the coach, who individually for each selects a set of exercises based on the initial physical data.

Specify the time of training to get an excellent result, which will be an incentive to continue training!


Improve your health, strengthen the immune system, lose weight and build muscle mass, regularly attending water lessons for beginners in our fitness center “KING FIT”.

Being at depth with a trainer and using gloves, belts, you will learn the basic elements of aqua aerobics, as well as:

form the correct posture;

reduce the load on the intervertebral discs;

increase the stamina of the body, etc.

Remember that swimming has a positive effect not only on the physical condition, but also uplifting, which is doubly pleasant!


If you care about your health and love to swim in the pool, then you should visit our fitness center “KING FIT”, where, under the guidance of a qualified trainer, interesting lessons with high intensity of movement and heavy loads are held.

Performing at the depth all sorts of exercises with the promotion of water, and using special equipment, you can:

master the elements of sports swimming;

strengthen the cardiovascular, respiratory system;

lose personal weight and increase muscle.

Want to check it out? Come to our fitness center for group classes!


Strong muscles and a slender figure, flexibility and plasticity, a positive attitude and a great mood are important not only for women, but also for men. That is why Aqua Mix aqua aerobics lessons are held in our KING FIT fitness center, including power and cardiovascular exercise.

Thanks to intensive exercises at the depth, where dumbbells and noodles, gloves and belts are used, each man can:

to work out all muscle groups.

strengthen your own immunity.

prevent stressful situations, etc.

And most importantly, it can be done all year round and in good company!


Build muscle mass and get the necessary forms, without resorting to visits to gyms!

We offer you to regularly attend Aqua Noodles power classes in our KING FIT fitness center, which are held at the depth of the pool under the guidance of a trainer in order to:

strengthen and work out the major muscle groups.

make your torso beautiful.

improve the work of all body systems, including sexual.

To enhance the load, we use special belts, gloves and noodles, as well as individually select a set of exercises. Come to the pool and you will not regret it!


For strong-willed and purposeful men in our fitness center “KING FIT” regularly take power lessons aqua aerobics, aimed at strengthening all muscle groups of the body, including the back and abdomen, arms and legs.

Doing swims in the depth with dumbbells, belts and gloves, you:

give your body shape.

throw off extra kilos, increasing energy costs.

lift your mood and get rid of stress.

If you need to enhance the effect, the trainer will select for you individually a set of exercises that allow you to increase the load and maintain your body in perfect order.


If you treat men who have a high level of training in the field of swimming and are ready for grueling, and most importantly useful workouts at the depth of the pool, then “Deep Aqua” lessons at the KING FIT fitness center are specially designed for you.

In group classes you will perform a set of exercises with dumbbells and other sports equipment to:

develop your strength endurance.

strengthen your abdominal muscles, back, legs and arms.

lose weight and work out muscle relief.

And remember that only regular attendance at the training will be a victory on the way to the goal!


Have you dreamed for a long time to master the technique of punches, to learn how to deal crushing blows to your opponent or to defend oneself against his attacks? Then boxing classes in our KING FIT fitness center are held just for you!

you can become tougher, more aggressive and merciless.

learn to control your emotions.

increase endurance and strengthen all muscle groups.

Remember that by winning the hall, you can win in life, which will make you a real man.


Kickboxing rightfully received the title of “the most masculine” sport, because it instills winners in men, makes them strong in character, helps to show leadership qualities and teaches to stand for themselves.

Visiting kickboxing training in our fitness center “KING FIT”, you will learn all the basic elements of strikes and the formulation of the correct technology to perform them, as well as:

develop coordination and flexibility.

train endurance.

improve hand motor skills, etc.

Such multi-faceted training is also useful in real life, because it allows you to avoid stressful situations and increase your strength of mind.


Many men are interested in Japanese martial arts, which are distinguished by the spectacular stunts that embody all the achievements of karate. That is why they are ready to attend kyokushin karate classes, which are conducted by qualified trainers of our fitness center .

In wrestling lessons, you can learn the technique of punches and kicks, learn how to defend and attack the enemy, as well as using various techniques:

strengthen all muscle groups.

increase your stamina.

become a strong-willed person ready for action.


Get rid of excess weight, give yourself a good state of health, learn new methods of self-defense and increase vitality by visiting the exciting fitness system “TAE BO” in our fitness center .

The program with a complex of strength and breathing exercises, based on the implementation of various techniques of martial arts, allows each man to:

increase the body’s resistance to diseases.

restore the respiratory system.

improve posture, walk, etc.

In addition, intense workouts make men confident and help harmonize their mood.


Participate in bicycle races within the gym, which imitate riding in the mountains, sheer cliffs and cross-country terrain, in order to effectively lose those extra pounds, strengthen all muscle groups and feel a surge of vitality.

develop endurance.

strengthen the respiratory system.

train the cardiovascular system.

eliminate negative thoughts.

Still in doubt? Come and see for yourself!


By performing a series of strength exercises with mini-bars, which are selected by the trainers of our fitness center individually for each man, you can greatly strengthen your immune system, restore muscle tone and improve metabolism.

strengthen all joints and bone tissue.

improve overall well-being.

raise your spirits and find new friends.

Remember that the principle of the Hot Iron system is unique. And it is worth checking it out for yourself!


Improve the upper part of your body, strengthen and develop your body by performing the whole complex of strength exercises of the “UPPER BODY” system.

In our KING FIT fitness center, each man has an individual approach developed by trainers, which allows, taking into account his body, to choose the most effective exercises and:

make the hands relief, and the stomach – flat

improve blood circulation in the body.

to work out muscle groups, etc.

Such strength training can be performed with the involvement of sports equipment, which increases the load and increases the effect.


Still thinking about strengthening the muscles of the lower body?

Come to our fitness center to work out all the muscle groups of the buttocks and legs, abdomen and back in the classes of medium and high intensity. Qualified trainers will select for you a set of exercises that will help:

improve skin elasticity and muscle tone

train the cardiovascular and respiratory system

make the vessels strong.

If desired, training can occur with the use of special equipment (dumbbells, steppes, etc.).


For the development and strengthening of the main muscle groups, increasing endurance, dexterity and body coordination, every man can attend classes in functional training.

strengthen the cardiovascular system.

improve the vestibular apparatus.

feel refreshed, etc.

And most importantly, that such work on yourself should be systemic!


Men! Work on the relief of your body, tone your muscles, develop your muscles and lift your spirits with other participants of the holistic functional training “BEST FIT”!

Performing the whole complex of exercises, successively changing each other and providing for appropriate modifications and progression, you will achieve excellent results, namely:

improve the coordination of your movements;

increase dexterity and strength of mind;

work on your reaction speed and stamina.

If necessary, increase the load coach will offer you to use the appropriate inventory.

Holistic functional training. The class consists of various sequences of exercise blocks with progressions and modifications.