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“By the reaction of my comrades, it was clear to me that I was doing it cool,” he said. “So I asked a friend to take a video trick and post it on Snap chat.” Honestly, I still cannot believe that it gained so many views. ” “Nothing special,” says Hines. – just imagine if there is a box and step on it. ” He sincerely believes that anyone can do the trick and insists that it is not as impossible as it seems. If the power of imagination did not lead you to a successful attempt – do not worry. Our fitness editor Benzene Samuel says that the trick is possible, but it will require a lot of strength and stability from you. In fact, Samuel noted, Hines makes the leap forward on one leg. He helped us figure out how the movement happens and what each leg is doing.

Leg on an imaginary box (right):

The buttocks, hip flexor, and stabilizer muscles of the cortex are involved in the entire coil. “Thigh stabilizers on the right side are plowed beyond the limit to maintain the position of this leg. – says Samuel. – The abs and abdominals are also heavily loaded in an attempt to stabilize the position. You can even notice how his body is slightly twisted towards this leg. “

Foot on the ground (left):

This will be the most difficult part for you. “In order to move the leg through the box in this way, you must have the explosive power of the abdominal muscles, buttocks and thighs,” says Ebenezer. Powerful explosive jump on one foot. Heins agrees that a little strength will not hurt in creating such an illusion, but he still believes that anyone will be able to master it sooner or later – the main thing is to try. Samuel also advises to strengthen the  bark ,  thighs  and  buttocks . Freshman Heins has a bright future ahead, and he already has a couple of tricks up his sleeve for all occasions!