PUBG cheaters advertise hacks right in the game

The era of door-to-door vendors has long ended, at least in large cities. However, the vendors of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds cheats  will be happy to talk about their services and even demonstrate the possibilities right in the game for you personally. This means that from time to time you may become a victim of their demonstration.

In the last couple of months , players have appeared in PUBG , demonstrating and selling cheats and hacks for the game. For example, below you can see a speed hacker overtaking another player in a car in an attempt to sell him a hack.

Hey friend Are you in a hurry? No problem, keep driving and listen to me. Want to get this brand new mod that I use? On it now sale. Let me show it in action. I can run faster than your car!

However, cheaters and hackers are not limited to demonstrations in the game. They also put information about cheats in their names by adding the letters “QUN”. Thus, they point to the popular Chinese channel that gamers should use to buy cheats.

In the meantime, PUBG developers have recently reported that they are creating new tools to combat hacks and cheats. Considering that cheating has become one of the main problems of the game with hundreds of thousands of banned accounts, the team should hurry. Gamers without stopping complain about the dominance of hacks on Steam, on the forums and subreddite PUBG.