TOP 5 SEO trends 2019: the future is now

Only lazy today does not speak about the latest trends in search engine optimization, but the main question is how justified these arguments are. In the article we are not going to “read the tea leaves.” After analyzing a lot of expert opinions, we decided to present to you the main trends that have already become realities for SEO specialists.

In the world of SEO and Internet marketing, change is good as long as you stay on topic.

SEO 2019

What awaits search engine optimization in the future? In our case, this is “ask 100 SEOs and get 100 answers”. Of course, in numbers we exaggerate a little, but the essence remains the same – how many people, so many opinions. The beauty and complexity of the SEO industry is that there is no definiteness here, paraphrasing the former US Secretary of Defense, say “there are so many Uncertainties).

Will the next years be the era of voice search? Or the time has come when artificial intelligence will forever change the world of search engine advancement as we knew it before. Will companies diversify traffic sources as part of a holistic strategy? Whether technologies like Siri or Cortana assistants will change optimization; Internet of Things?

So what do you need to know about SEO in order to generate more traffic and leads while staying ahead of your competitors? Next, we presented a list of some search engine promotion trends that experts expected to see in 2019, and were not mistaken:

Mobile format or “let’s live together”

We all had to have the bitter experience of “communication” with sites that are “not friendly” with mobile devices. How much extra time and nerves did you spend reading the text of such pages? And the transition on the links in general becomes a task from the category of “mission impossible”.

Taking into account the fact that 80% of users perform actions on the Internet from mobile devices, the question of the “mobilization” of sites is more urgent than ever.

Mobile friendly

Many have already adapted to the mobile-format, which received the official name Accelerated mobile pages (web pages adapted for mobile format) or AMP for short. It is a technology that allows you to instantly load web pages on mobile devices. We already know that Google is in awe of AMP and in black and white encourages everyone to use the trend . Also this year he launches the mobile-first index. This means that when ranking your website, its mobile version will be evaluated first .

The above information suggests that high positions in search engines will be associated with the concept of “mobile friendly”.

Artificial intelligence is already in SEO

The revolutionary search engine ranking sites – artificial intelligence, or as it is called by our friends from the West AI (Artificial Intelligence). Probably, you have already heard about Google’s RankBrain – self-learning artificial intelligence, which has already changed the approach to optimizing sites (in practice this means that your texts should be written in a simple, understandable language). From now on, Google can analyze the relevance of a page for certain queries, even if its content does not contain them.

rank brain

Already within 12 months, experts expect an increase in the number of companies that will begin to adapt to the new search algorithm. – a necessary element of your site code.

If you do not know what is, then it’s time to get to know each other better. This form of optimization is one of the most powerful, but at the same time and least used SEO techniques that are available today. Schema helps search engines better understand and extract key information from websites, as well as improve search results. In fact, Schema is the code that you place on your site in order to help search engines deliver the most informative results to users.

Adding micromarking to the site is not the most difficult task, but still, you need to know the code. If you do not have these skills, we advise you to contact the developer.

Voice search

Not the first year you are familiar with this feature and, for sure, it is in your phone. Now from Google, Alexa from Amazon and Siri from Apple have long been allowing users to ask a question with a voice, and get an answer to it in the form of an oral answer or the search results page. But in 2019, voice search promises to be a global phenomenon, which entails:

new types of keywords

optimization of the content structure for the formats of ready-made answers that search engines will use

the need to monitor the total volume, not limited to generalized statistics

This means that search queries will be much longer, respectively, the sites will need to optimize content for new formats long tail.

voice search

Already today, 20% of all mobile search queries are voice, and by 2020 we will be too lazy to google manually 50% of the time.


Switching to https is something that must be included in your “to do” list for 2019. Even more, it had to be done “yesterday”. Work on a secure protocol has become more important than ever in the fight against hacking websites. Switching from http to https will also increase your search results ranking. Similar to previous trends, in 2019 it will become just a prerequisite for successful development.

To achieve results, there is not enough knowledge alone — to be aware of events does not mean to succeed. In order not only to maintain its position among competitors, but also to become a leader, it is necessary to be able to embed these trends in the company’s development strategy and implement them.

It is obvious that you immediately thought “How?”, But the rush can play a bad joke with you in this matter. Before acting, it is necessary to understand the current situation that has developed around you and, on this basis, to designate for yourself the vectors of further development. Therefore, we offer to follow the example of foreign countries that have long been using SaaS platforms for analyzing and monitoring competitors in SEO and PPC. It is time to adopt successful foreign experience and start analyzing competitors, monitor the market situation in real time. So you will always know what positions you and your direct competitors are in, to see your weak points and rivals.

For example, Serpstat can become a universal tool for solving this issue. It is a multifunctional SEO platform that will be useful both for professionals and beginners.

Explore competitors in the search, track changes on your own sites with the help of the wide possibilities of the service, which include:

position monitoring (analyze based on key phrases, not by domain)

position analysis

backlink analytics (analyze the link mass of both your site and competitors’ sites)

serpstat backlink analysis

Keyword analysis (the platform allows for in-depth keyword analysis of the domain and URL, as well as finding missing phrases for each page of the site)

serpstat keyword analysis

SEO audit of the website (check how well your site is optimized, compare performance with the results of competitors)

serpstat seo audit

competitor analysis (get a complete list of direct competitors, as well as information about them)

serpstat analysis of competitors

This is just a short list of the priorities of the SEO platform, you can read the full description on the official website .

Serpstat is a whole team of professionals that works for you at any time of the day.

With the expected changes, the SEO platform will become even more popular. Since, contrary to claims of “death,” SEO predicts global development. Moreover, experts say that most of the changes, starting in 2019, will concern the technical elements of development (like semantic page markup, AMP, automation, etc.).